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Plant Design

Every ACCO project starts with an engineering phase to come to the perfect balance between technology, local process factors and investment expectations. During this phase, we mostly focus on local process factors such as local building market, raw material testing, formula portfolio, location scenarios, plant infrastructure and performance characteristics.

1. Raw Materials Analysis & Formula Design

Before factory construction part, an analysis of the raw materials is needed to be done in laboratories, the raw materials are local and composed of (sand, cement, gypsum and lime)

Based on the prices and quality of local raw materials, customized product formulas are prepared .

2. Equipment and scope design

Along with the Investor/Partner the purchase of the equipment is determined based on a flexible source of the machinery.

3. Engineering and Plant layout

Each client/investor has a different vision and requirement of how the plant layout. A selection based on their vision will be made along with the detailed planification of the plant’s daily capacity, product portfolio and level of automation.

4. Budget investment analysis

We provide a full analysis covering the total support from equipment, equipment installation, the infrastructure, transport, inventory, working capital etc.…

ACCO team doesn’t look only at the machinery budget, but also calculates all what the plant needs to offer the ultimate turn-key plant investment analysis. .

5. ACCO’s successful financial performance

Thanks to our experienced team in AAC Plant engineering, we can calculate the production cost of 1m3 way before the plant is built. It is important for AAC investors to have a transparent vision of the potential performance of their plant.

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